Alpha-1 Plus Joins EURORDIS

LOGO Eurordis member RVB

Alpha-1 Plus has joined EURORDIS as Associate Member!

EURORDIS is a non-governmental patient-driven alliance of patient organizations, representing 667 rare disease groups and associations, in 61 countries, covering 4000 diseases.

EURORDIS works to build a strong pan-european community of patient organizations and people living with a rare disease,  to be their voice at the European level, and – directly or indirectly – to fight against the impact of rare diseases on their lives.

To this end, EURORDIS undertakes activities on behalf of its members, notably in favour of:

  • Empowering rare disease patient groups
  • Advocating rare diseases as a public health issue
  • Raising public rare disease awareness, and also that of national and international institutions
  • Improving access to information, treatment, care, and support for people living with rare diseases
  • Encouraging good practices in relation to these
  • Promoting scientific and clinical rare disease research
  • Developing rare disease treatments and orphan drugs
  • Improving quality of life through patient support, social, welfare and educational services

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